Slow-Mo RC Car Destruction

Traxxas has an RC car that can get up to 100 mph. But the Slow Mo Guys want to slow it down — way down. Here they put a couple of XO-1 cars through their paces, and even cause some fast-paced destruction in super slow motion.

  • The Best End Credits of All Time

    These days, moviegoers seem to be staying in their seats until after the credits roll. That's because filmmakers are leaving us with more entertainment after the last scene has ended. Whether it be a final bonus chapter, a gag reel, or a reflection back on the film, end credits help us to let go and move on from the world we've just spent the last 90 minutes in. Although we're sure you all have your own opinion on which you think are best, here's CineFix's top five.

  • The Weight of Gravity

    Director Alfonso Cuarón's space survival epic Gravity is a study in contradiction. Bleeding edge effects sit side-by-side with some of the oldest techniques in film, while the camera ignores a stable horizon similar to avant garde films over 40 years old. This video essay looks at what gives the film and its simple story such emotional weight.

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