Star Wars Go Rogue / Chapter 2

Good help is hard to find, even when you're the Galactic Empire — just ask Director Krennic. With the construction of the Death Star definitely not going to plan, Krennic is putting the pressure on his Stromtrooper lackeys to get the job back on track. Meanwhile, Jyn and the Rebels on Jedha have to battle every Empire toy in the galaxy to escape with the Death Star plans — before the weapon is completed and time runs out for the Rebellion.

  • Dronesurfing

    They can capture amazing footage, deliver your amazon packages, and even have their own racing league. Now, drones can even help you catch a wave. Originally designed to carry their bulky equipment, Freefly Systems used a heavy-duty drone to pull them across the water and get their surf on.

  • Reading Closed Books

    At the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, you don't even have to open a book to read it — almost. Research Scientist Barmak Heshmat and his team at the MIT Media Lab are able to image the contents of samples similar to closed books, with the goal of being able to analyze texts and documents that are too delicate or degraded to touch.

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