The ACLU Dash Button

Amazon Dash Buttons have been making our lives easier by restocking our paper towels and laundry detergent at a moments notice. Now, those handy buttons can do more than just order your pantry essentials. Using the company's customizable IoT Button, programmer Nathan Pryor linked one up to directly donate money to the American Civil Liberties Union. Stick it on your desk or laptop, and every time you see our current president's latest terrible tweet, you can ease your tension by pressing the button and sending five dollars to support the ACLU.

  • America's Oldest Veteran

    Richard Arvin Overton is 110 years old, still walks, still drives, and enjoys a cigar — but never inhales. He pays cash for whatever he buys, lives in the house he built in 1945, and hasn't bought a new car since the 70s. Of a morning, Richard has about four cups of coffee and maybe a sip of whiskey. He calls it the Overton diet. Richard is the oldest living veteran in America, having served in the South Pacific from 1942 to 1945. Filmmakers Matt Copper and Rocky Conly sat down with Richard to talk about longevity, what keeps him going, and his military service.

  • LED Kayaking

    Whitewater kayaking can be a dangerous sport in the best of conditions — now think about trying it in the dark. Pro kayaker Brendan Wells and his brother Todd plunged down the White Salmon River in Washington state, capturing the night run with LED lights attached to their kayaks, paddles, and gear, bringing an explosion of color to the dark water.

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