The Death of Stalin

When a dictator dies, it leaves some huge shoes to fill. It's 1953 and Joesph Stalin has died. The Communist Party is in disarray as to what to do about filling the newly vacant position — and they go about in the most inefficient way possible. The Death of Stalin takes the stereotype of the unwieldy Communist bureaucracy to its blackly comedic extreme. Starring Steve Buscemi and Jeffrey Tambor, the movie releases in September 2017.

  • Annihilation

    Nature has begun to reclaim an uninhabited area of the US called Area X. Something strange is happening there, and a team of four is sent in on an expedition to find out what has caused the strange demise of the previous eleven teams before them. Based on the best-selling Southern Reach trilogy, Annihilation come to theaters February 2018.

  • Blade Runner: Sci-Fi Noir

    At its heart, Blade Runner is a film noir — and one of the best of the genre. The unwilling detective, the crime, the streets, the woman — it's all there. Lessons from the Screenplay takes a closer look at Blade Runner's script to see how such a believable noir was set in a world of the future.

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