The Food of South Park

South Park, Colorado isn't known as a culinary destination — despite having the most famous school chef of all time. In between the vicious satire and crude humor, there are a few dishes that could inspire anyone with a little kitchen experience. Babish takes on three of the most famous dishes the show has produced — Chef's Chocolate Salty Balls, Cartman's Mr. and Mrs. Tenorman Chili, and a frittata with a lovely creme fraiche. As to whether Tenorman's parents are actually in Babish's chili, no one can say.

  • Epic Nerf Gun Mods

    From 200 MPH darts to shooting flames, Peter Sripol has a lock on modding Nerf guns. His latest project adds a built in compressor to significantly up the projectile velocity and can conveniently be re-purposed as a flamethrower. Peter takes you thorugh the modding and testing process step-by-step in his latest video.

  • Bringing Color to Historical Photos

    Brazilian artist Marina Amaral combines a love of history and a deep set of Photoshop skills to bring historical photographs the colors they might have captured. Much more than just a brushing over with color, Marina begins the process with thorough research, using the archives of the Library of Congress and other resources to create an accurate pallette for each photo. The restorations and colorizations can take upwards of a month each, going through the image pixel-by-pixel.

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