The History of the World in 20 Minutes

The world has a lot of history. You might even say that the world has all the history — everything we know human history has happened right here. Bill Wurtz takes all that history and compresses it into one spectacular 20-minute chunk, easily consumable for anyone currently busy making their own history.

  • Clint Eastwood on Duking it Out

    You wouldn't expect Dirty Harry to pull any punches, and in this 2009 interview, he comes out swinging. Cal Fussman sat down with Clint Eastwood to talk about what Eastwood has learned over the years, in his own words. Moving around and being the new kid in school, Clint learned about being bullied — and how to defend himself when the time came.

  • Video



    The Daily Show Reunion

    Family. It's the center of life — the kicking, screaming, depressing and utterly dysfunctional center of life. One of the strongest families on the small screen was host John Stewart and his Daily Show correspondents, going out into the world and producing the hard-hitting stories we came to love. Those days are over, and those correspondents have gone on to successful careers of their own. Stephen Colbert brought the Daily Show cast back together on The Late Show for reminiscing and catching up with what everyone's been up to.

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