The Samples of Daft Punk

A Daft Punk song isn't just a song. Taking a piece of something else and making it into something completely new is what the duo has been doing for over two decades. And the samples that make up a Daft Punk composition have been hits in their own right. Daftworld does a side-by-side comparison of the original tracks and the Daft Punk hits they became.

  • World Mountain Bike Speed Record

    Eric Barone is no stranger to setting speed records. His previous record was just over 138 MPH — on a mountain bike. Eric has returned to the slopes, this time besting his previous effort by 3 MPH, clocking 141 MPH down the side of a mountain.

  • Video



    Saturday Night Live Make-up Transition

    In live television, the clock is your greatest enemy. SNL has been doing live sketch comedy for over 42 years, and they've mastered the art of getting actors into and out of costumes in a commercial break. Kate McKinnon's recent appearance required going from a simple suit-and-tie to prosthetics and makeup for a mermaid in the next sketch. SNL captured the behind-the-scenes rush to get Kate ready and back on stage in four minutes.

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