The Sneaker Broker

Jordan has produced some of the most sought after sneakers out there. But say what you want, Kanye West's line of Yeezys for Adidas has added some new competition in the shoe game, and one guy is taking advantage of that. Known as 23Penny or Z, Yuanrun Zheng has made it his business to resell these sought after kicks for far more than they retail for, causing them to sell out in a matter of minutes. You may think this is shady or unfair, labeling him as a bad guy, but Zheng will gladly play the villain.

  • To the Right

    This slick supercut of panning shots never stops moving — to the right. Another great edit by Candice Drouet, the motion of the moving picture is on full display in this kinetic collection.

  • The History of Futura

    Even if you don't realize it, you've probably seen the font Futura many times. The sharp, geometrical typeface has become a favorite among directors Stanley Kubrick and Wes Anderson, as well as artist Barbra Kruger. But the German-born type had a pretty rough beginning. Designed by Paul Renner in 1927, the font was first attacked by Hitler and the Nazi regime after its creator was arrested and exiled for his anti-Nazi essay. After the war, the typeface of the future earned world-wide attention when it was used on Apollo 11 to go where no man had gone before.

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