The Solution to Traffic

The number one cause of problems is people, and traffic jams are no exception. CGP Grey makes a strong case for the self-driving car by looking at how the lack of coordination among humans on the road leads to miserable morning commutes.

  • Returning From Mars

    For an entire year, six scientists lived in a NASA-sponsored habitat in Hawaii designed to mimic living on Mars. Called the Hi-Seas, the dome emulated many of the conditions found on the Red Planet. Communications took 20 minutes to send and receive, the crew members only left the facility in spacesuits, and power and water were all procured from available resources.

  • Nirvana / Smells Like Teen Spirit

    Days after the release of their soon-to-be landmark album "Nevermind", Seattle band Nirvana played a small club in New Haven, Connecticut. In a few months, "Nevermind" would be atop the charts, and Kurt, Dave, and Krist would be the face of a musical movement they didn't know existed. Watch an extended video of the same show here.

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