The Working Man

You hate your job. You've had it with your boss. What do you do? Spend a year animating a seven-minute short showing exactly how you feel. Tim Searfoss did exactly that in this excellent piece of storytelling about being a drone on the line.

  • The Basics of Steak

    As deceptively simple as cooking a steak might seem, it's easy to mess a good cut of meat up. The number one cause of bad meat is over cooking — anything over medium rare and you're doing it wrong. Babish shows how to cook two different cuts of meat to flavorful perfection every time in the latest episode of Basics with Babish.

  • A Cure for Aging

    The leading cause of death is being alive. Our bodies are full of zombies — senescent cells that refuse to die when they should. As these cells accumulate, they wreak havoc on healthy cells around them — and making us age in the process. Kurzgesagt looks at how scientists are looking at reversing aging as a means to keep us healthier for longer.

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