Waterslide BASE Jump

Nothing says summer like waterslides. Nothing says adventure quite like BASE jumping. Now put the two together. Stuntman Marshall Milller and a few friends filmed their exploits in the Utah desert for some late-summer fun.

  • Zombies and the Copyright Apocalypse

    When George Romero's Night of the Living Dead launched the zombie revolution, one important thing was missing: The copyright information on the film's title card. Under then-current law, the film entered into the public domain and was free for anyone use or directly lift — and that's how zombies became a billion-dollar industry. Unlike Universal with their lockdown on monsters like Frankenstein, anyone can make a zombie flick — making the genre one of the most popular choices for aspiring filmmakers worldwide.

  • The Color of Game of Thrones

    Winter is coming. If fact, it's already here, and the color palette of Game of Thrones has changed with the seasons. Vox broke down the colors of every episode of every season and analyzed them to see how the change — and just like winter, the show is getting darker all the time.

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