Why Pomp & Circumstance is the Song of Graduation

As May comes to a close, thousands of freshly-minted graduates will come walking across a stage somewhere to receive a diploma. And as this happens, one song will be played over and over again: Edward Elagr's military march Pomp & Circumstance. How Pomp & Circumstance went from military reviews to the official soundtrack of graduation is a story of gold, diamonds, war and the British Empire.

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    When reality and television collide, a former TV detective finds himself in a surreal predicament. A murder promises to tell everything he knows but refuses to speak to anyone other than the star of a tacky 80s TV show. The actor who played him decides to take the gig, which turns out to be the best role of his career. From the creator of Mighty Boosh, Mindhorn premieres May 5, 2017 on Netflix.

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    Imagine a game where you can be. . . everything. Everything is that game. From the sun or planet or birds to blade of grass, parasite, bacterium, or even a strand of DNA, there isn't anything you can't be in Everything. David O'Reilly's dreamlike vision of size and scale is available on multiple platforms now. Learn more here.

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