Zero Labs Electric Ford Bronco SUV

Ford's planned Bronco revamp is still in the works, and interest in the first generation Bronco is at an all-time high, with shops modernizing the platform in a variety of resto-modded models. Zero Labs is taking a different approach to restoring Broncos with an all-electric version built on an original chassis. With the exception of the grille-less front end, the body is instantly recognizable, but that's where the similarities stop. A 70 kWh lithium-ion battery pack mates up to a BorgWarner electric motor, providing 369 horsepower and 190 miles of range. Being a Bronco, part- and full-time four-wheel-drive is on hand, and almost unheard of in an electric vehicle, a five-speed manual transmission equipped. A number of modern materials are used throughout the truck, with aluminum and carbon fiber making up the body, and top-shelf components from Fox, Brembo, Atlas, and filling out the suspension and drivetrain. Only 150 first edition Broncos will be made, and Zero Labs is taking reservations now.

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