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Fire & Ice

Forget the meatballs at Ikea: Scandinavian cooking is far more delicious and diverse than you might think. With Fire & Ice: Classic Nordic Cooking, you can enjoy some of it at home. Penned by Gastronomica founder and James Beard Award nominee Darra Goldstein, it includes over 100+ approchable recipes from Denmark, Finland, Norway, and Sweden, laid out in simple-to-follow instructions and accompanied by full-color photos and stories that help you learn about not just Nordic food, but also their culture.

  • Wilderness Essays

    Sierra Club founder and noted preservationist John Muir knew far more about the outdoors than most of us ever will. With this collection of Wilderness Essays, we can at least learn from him. Muir's explorations of the American West ranged from California to Alaska and most everywhere in between, evident in the countless streams, trails, forests, and glaciers named in his honor. There's no way to go back and experience all the same untouched lands he found, but thanks in part to his efforts, we still have some unspoiled nature to enjoy, places that might make an ideal place to read through this 288-page tome.

  • 100 Years

    Some of us will be lucky enough to live for a full century. Some of us won't. But for every year that you are here on Earth, 100 Years: Wisdom From Famous Writers on Every Year of Your Life has some insight to share. It draws on the works and comments of luminaries from across the ages, from Shakespeare to David Foster Wallace, offering an interesting look at life and aging. More than simple text on a page, the entire compilation has been set next to visualizations by Milton Glaser, which help to illuminate the fact that no matter the location or time, we all share some of the same experiences.