1961 Triumph TR4

You can find the strangest things in Kentucky barns — like this classic '61 Triumph TR4. British and roadster are like hand in glove. The island nation has a reputation for solid handling cars, and the TR4 is no exception. Current owner Tom Hale pulled the car out of the aforementioned tobacco barn and had it fully restored by Danny Morton of the Sterling British Motoring Society. After 40 years of slowly rotting away, Danny and Tom have brought the car back to its former glory.

Photos: Jake Salyers

  • 1966 Amphicar 770

    The result of over a decade of development, the Amphicar debuted in 1961 as the first fully amphibious vehicle sold to the public. Transitioning from land to water was a breeze, with just a few simple steps and a pull of a lever — which moves the engine's power from the wheels to dual rear propellers — necessary. This 1966 Amphicar 770 has recently undergone a full restoration with an eye on authenticity and saw its top and interior replaced, and its body painted the factory color of Lagoon Blue. Accompanied by extensive documentation, it would make a highly entertaining and unusual addition to any collection.

  • 1957 Mercedes-Benz 300 SL Gullwing

    It was the supercar of its day. A road-going version of the legendary Mercedes 300 SL race car, it was the brainchild of American Mercedes importer Max Hoffman. Max's idea of a race car for the street was an overnight success, and he sold over 1,000 of the 1,400 cars made from 1954 to 1957. A powerful 240 hp inline-six, independent suspension, 166 MPH top speed, timeless bodywork, and the famous gullwing doors all made the 300 SL an instant classic. This sought-after late production example is presented it's original black-on-red color scheme, and has never left its home state of Pennsylvania since new.

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