1985 Mazda RX-7 Evo Group B Works

For five years in the 1980s, the FIA's Group B rally spec produced some of the most powerful and sophisticated cars the series had ever seen. With entries like Audi's Quattro S1 putting out over 600 hp, rally racing hasn't seen anything like Group B since its demise in 1987. This Mazda RX-7 Group B car was assembled by the factory Mazda team but has never seen dirt due having been completed after Group B was disbanded. Based on the twin-rotor, second generation RX-7, this RX-7 Evo was one of seven made and believed to be the only one in existence today.

  • 1937 Yellowstone Park Tour Bus

    Sports cars get all the attention. With their sleek shapes, powerful motors, and handling prowess, the other four-wheeled denizens of the vintage automotive world often get overlooked. Vehicles made to work rarely get any praise. Even though it isn't going to get any accolades for performance or racing pedigree, this 1937 Yellowstone Park tour bus is hard to miss. Huge, yellow, and able to haul all your friends and extended family to destinations unknown, it's slightly more practical than your usual upscale car auction fodder — and has a history of showing people the grandeur of Yellowstone that's as important as any automobile.

  • 1976 Lamborghini Countach LP 400 Periscopio

    When it debuted in 1974, the Lamborghini Countach looked like something from outer space. The wedge-shaped body with iconic NACA ducts, scissor-hinged doors, and low profile was unlike anything seen before — and over 40 years later, it still makes an impact. This Tahiti Blue 1976 Countach is one of the original production run of just under 160 cars. Before the massive wings and fender flares of the later models, the LP400 is the Countach in its most pure and desirable form. Delivered to its first owner in Toronto, the car has remained in Canadian hands ever since and still has the original motor along with a high-quality restoration in the factory-ordered color. As wild as the Countach became in the 80s, this example of the car in its first iteration is even more striking.

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