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Assuming you use the Internet, you've no doubt heard of Reddit's legendary AMA series, where well-informed or just all-around interesting people log on and answer questions from the (likely) unwashed masses. Now there's an official Ask Me Anything app, which lets you browse these interviews in a clean, well-designed, dedicated interface. Features include the ability to explore interviews by topic, vote questions and answers up or down, see every question answered in an easy-to-read format, get notified when popular AMAs are trending, and even ask questions when someone is marked as Active. It's just like reading them on the website, only better.

  • Oyster

    Finding instant access to entertainment is easy these days — plenty of options bring you streamed shows and movies wherever you are. But what if you prefer reading to watching? Say hello to Oyster. Like a Netflix for readers, this service provides access to over 500,000 ebooks — including thousands of NYT bestsellers and hand-curated lists of Pulitzer Prize winners, Oprah's picks, and more — for a monthly price that's less than the price of a delivery pizza. And thanks to the well-designed, multi-platform app, finding a new novel to read is nearly as enjoyable as the reading itself.

    Presented by Oyster.

  • Hanx Writer

    You might not know it, but Tom Hanks (yes, that Tom Hanks) is somewhat of a manual typewriter enthusiast. In fact, he's more than that — with a knowledge of models and their intricacies that borders on encyclopedic, he's passionate about them. And now he's aiming to bring the joy of the typewriter to the iPad with Hanx Writer. This free app recreates the experience of typing on a manual typewriter, complete with on-screen "paper", documents with their own personality that can still be emailed/shared, and a bevy of available models, each of which has its own look and sound.

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