Deus Ex Machina D-Side Motorcycle

If you need to take a friend with you on your next bike trip, there's no better way to go than with a sidecar. Credited to Mr. M. Bertoux, a French army officer, in 1893, the hack has become an iconic part motorcycling, from WWII to the present day. Deux ex Machina couldn't resist the urge to partner with Yamaha and turn this XV960 into the ultimate beach machine, with a ground-up custom sidecar and surfboard rack. The torquey v-twin Yamaha packs plenty of low-end to carry the added weight of a board and passenger, and the modern styling with retro touches are perfect for a European coastal retreat. Deus ex's customary attention to detail is available everywhere you look, with Alcantara seating, Motogadget instrumentation, and raw aluminum tank and fenders. Now bringing your bike, board, and a friend to the ocean in style is in the realm of reality.

  • Hookie Black Mamba Motorcycle

    Dresden, Germany-based motorcycle builder Hookie Co. has been churning out sleek cafe racers and street trackers since 2011. Started as a getaway from the 9-to-5, Hookie Co. treats each build like a vacation — slow, steady, and with an eye for detail. The Black Mamba, a 1973 Honda CB550, showcases their philosophy in spades. The minimal look in black includes a custom fairing, clip-on handlebars, shortened frame, and Motogadget electronics. Lowered suspension front and rear complete the stance while a ground-up motor and carb rebuild supply plenty of grin-inducing go, making the bike perfect for winding roads or city streets.

  • Moto-Mucci Husqvarna TE570 Motorcycle

    Picking a motorcycle depends on what type of riding you do — standard city commuting, street bikes for track day weekends and carving canyons, motocross for trails — and supermotos for any of the above. This 2001 Husqvarna TE570 supermoto by Moto-Mucci is a perfect example of a bike that's as at home in tight tarmac corners as it is off the beaten path. Starting with the TE570 single-lunger, Moto-Mucci took away everything you don't need and reinforced what you do. Custom valved suspension, bigger brakes, and a stainless exhaust have been added, along with a relocated radiator that also houses the headlights. The finishing touch is a well-patinaed tank from a 1973 Husqvarna CR360 that adds a bit of history to this modern motorcycle.

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