Don't Bug Me Patch

Don't Bug Me Patch

If you're gonna be spending some time outdoors this Summer, you might want a few of these. The Don't Bug Me Patch ($8/10 pack) will keep insects like mosquitos, gnats, ticks, and sand fleas away for up to 36 hours. Instead of spraying yourself with nasty-smelling bug repellent, Don't Bug Me uses a transdermal patch which releases an excess of Vitamin B1 into our bloodstream. The same vitamin is excreted through our pores, masking the CO2 mosquitos are drawn to and making us quite unappealing to biting insects.

  • DIY Blood Typing Test

    Just in case you've never had your blood typed, or simply don't know, find out whether you're A, B, or O with the DIY Blood Typing Test Kit ($9). The set comes with everything you need to find out what antigens you carry with you in your blood, and even has a laminating sheet so you can carry your results with you — making things much easier on the EMTs if you get into a nasty brawl at your neighborhood bar.

  • Life Fitness T9e Treadmill

    If you like using your gym's treadmill, but don't like making strange grunting noises in front of complete strangers, check out the Life Fitness T9e Treadmill ($7000). The home version of their high-end commercial model, the T9e features a 12.1" LCD, the FlexDeck shock absorption system, wireless heart rate monitoring, a 4 HP motor, and 16 pre-programmed workouts. With the calorie-filled holidays quickly approaching, it never hurts to get a head start.

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