Dubuc Tomahawk Electric Sports Car

Now that the Tesla Roadster is in temporary retirement, there's a void in the all-electric sports car market. One the Dubuc Tomahawk Electric Sports Car hopes to fill. With a 2+2 layout designed to fit both the small and the tall, its aluminum tube and monocoque structure sits atop a bonded chassis, the first in North America. The result is an all-wheel drive vehicle that can rocket from 0-60 in three seconds, hit a top speed of 160 mph, yet still drive up to 370 miles per charge with zero emissions.

  • Shelby 50th Anniversary Super Snake

    Created to celebrate five decades of their souped-up pony cars, the Shelby 50th Anniversary Super Snake is the company's latest take on the ultimate Mustang. It starts with the engine, which get upgraded with forced induction to 670 hp, with a supercharged 750 hp as an option. The power is channeled to the road via an upgraded suspension, and larger brakes help get the thing stopped. New body panels, including a hood, spoilers, grilles, and diffusers, all help to improve aerodynamics. As a result, it can go from 0-60 in just 3.5 seconds, delivers a 10.9-second quarter mile, and can endure 1.2 g's on the skid pad. Limited to just 500 examples.

  • Eagle Spyder GT

    With 30 years experience working with Jaguar E-Types, there are few people more qualified to build their own than Eagle. The Eagle Spyder GT is in fact the company's fourth model, staying true to the spirit of the 1960s classic while adding a few improvements of its own. Its body is decidedly more sleek and lightweight, a fact that helps the 4.7L, 330hp aluminum V6 engine feel that much more spry. The engine is mated to a smooth manual five-speed, and linked with the road by thick wire wheels. The end result is a great-driving car that's perhaps even more beautiful than its inspiration, and well worth the 4,000 hours it takes to build.

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