How To Make A Nation

Plenty of people have built homes, lives, and businesses. Few have built great countries. How To Make A Nation: A Monocle Guide takes a look at the qualities you'd want in an ideal country, from a global perspective. Encompassing everything from education and diplomacy to culture and community, this interesting 400-page read provides some much-needed food for thought as we set about choosing a new leader for our own nation this fall.

  • Where's Warhol

    Like a Waldo book for the art lover, Where's Warhol? sends the titular pop artist back through time to visit key moments in art history and mingle with the luminaries of the day. Each of the twelve scenes was painstakingly researched by art historian Catherine Ingram and brought to life by illustrator Andrew Rae. From the Renaissance to the Bauhaus, the book is equal parts informative and amusing, and ideal both children and big kids alike.

  • This Book Is A Camera

    We've seen plenty of books that tell you how to use your camera. As the title makes clear, This Book Is A Camera functions as a camera all by itself. Its pop-up design provides you with a pinhole camera just by opening the cover and popping in a couple tabs, with a lightproof bag, five pieces of photo paper "film", and development instructions — ranging from a complete at-home process to outsourcing — included in the package. The photos it takes aren't going to wow anyone, but as a piece of functional art, it's both interesting and inspiring.

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