MV Agusta RVS #1

Founded in 1945 near Milan, Italy, Meccanica Verghera Agusta is one of the most storied motorcycle manufacturers in history. Similar to Enzo Ferrari, MV Agusta made motorcycles almost exclusively to fund their racing efforts, and their production bikes had a sporting pedigree that few could match. MV Agusta's current lineup embraces the company's founding philosophy, and the RVS #1 is a perfect example. Starting with the Brutale Dragster 800, MV Agusta has shaved 18 pounds from the already svelte trellis frame thanks to a liberal use of titanium and added ten bhp to the three-cylinder powerplant for a total of 150 bhp. The RSV #1 makes a visual statement as powerful as its performance. Brutal front wave rotors, low-profile bar-end mirrors, and flat black paint make sure that there's no mistaking what this bike is capable of.

  • Moto-Mucci Husqvarna TE570 Motorcycle

    Picking a motorcycle depends on what type of riding you do — standard city commuting, street bikes for track day weekends and carving canyons, motocross for trails — and supermotos for any of the above. This 2001 Husqvarna TE570 supermoto by Moto-Mucci is a perfect example of a bike that's as at home in tight tarmac corners as it is off the beaten path. Starting with the TE570 single-lunger, Moto-Mucci took away everything you don't need and reinforced what you do. Custom valved suspension, bigger brakes, and a stainless exhaust have been added, along with a relocated radiator that also houses the headlights. The finishing touch is a well-patinaed tank from a 1973 Husqvarna CR360 that adds a bit of history to this modern motorcycle.

  • Deus Ex Machina Sea Sider Motorcycle

    Motorcycles are like tools — you wouldn't want a screwdriver to pound a nail, and you don't need low-slung cafe racer to get you and your board to the beach. Deus Ex Machina's philosophy — building bikes for a purpose — is on full display with "The Seasider" by their Indonesian shop. Starting with a 1974 Honda C70 scooter, Deus Ex threw out the 70cc motor for a more modern and reliable unit from a 1995 Honda Astra. Some choice bicycle styling touches round out the retro look, and the custom-made surfboard carrier makes it obvious what this machine is all about.

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