Out of Print eBook Jackets

Out of Print eBook Jackets

We're generally fans of eBooks — the convenience factor far outweighs any missed tactile experience — but we do lament the slow, agonizing death of proper book covers. Out of Print eBook Jackets ($40-$45) seek to solve this dilemma by wrapping your Kindle Fire, Nexus 7, or iPad in cover art from literary classics. Thanks to the fact that they're made like real books with book board and cloth, they feel just like real books, which is far more than we can say for the aluminum/plastic build of your tablet.

  • Syre

    Despite our obvious affinity for Apple gear, we'll be the first to admit that Apple's wrist-friendly iPod nano is lacking a key feature: Bluetooth. The Syre ($50) is the most sensible way we've seen to add this functionality yet. By building the Bluetooth module right into the silicone polymer watch, it keeps things looking sleek and stylish while removing cumbersome cords from your workout routine.

  • Hone

    Losing your keys can be a huge annoyance — whether they've slipped into couch cushions or just been left in an odd place, searching for them can cost you valuable time. Hone ($50) can help you get that time back. This small Bluetooth 4 dongle pairs automatically with your iPhone 4S or iPad 3 using a free app, giving you an audible vibration or alert when you tap the "Find" button, so you can spend less time looking and more time doing. [Scouted by Sebastian]

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