The Complete Book of Knots

You don't need to be a boy scout or sailor to know how to tie a good knot. The Complete Book of Knots offers detailed, easy-to-read instructions on how to tie over 100 knots, with each entry accompanied by some background information and step-by-step color illustrations. Also included is a glossary of terms, a quick-glance guide to choosing the right knot for the job, and information on selecting the right rope, whether you're securing a boat to a dock or using string to tie up a package.

  • The 12 Bottle Bar

    Setting up a home bar can be daunting, given the huge array of liquors to choose from. The 12 Bottle Bar will have you up and mixing with a minimum amount of fuss. Penned by the authors of, it includes over 200 drink recipes, including martinis, sours, and manhattans, all built using a base of eight liquors, two vermouths, and two bitters. Also included is a guide to buying the right bottles, and detailed info on everything from garnishes and syrups to ice.

  • Arctica

    The arctic, and in particular the North Pole, represents some of the last true wilderness on Earth. It's also in serious peril. It's with these two themes in mind that Arctica: The Vanishing North takes you on a journey through this pristine locale. Author Sebastian Copeland, who also happens to be the photographer as well as an accomplished polar explorer and activist, provides a perspective of the pole's beauty, charm, and current predicament that could only come from someone who's not only been there, but obviously cares a great deal about its future.

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