This Book Is A Camera

We've seen plenty of books that tell you how to use your camera. As the title makes clear, This Book Is A Camera functions as a camera all by itself. Its pop-up design provides you with a pinhole camera just by opening the cover and popping in a couple tabs, with a lightproof bag, five pieces of photo paper "film", and development instructions — ranging from a complete at-home process to outsourcing — included in the package. The photos it takes aren't going to wow anyone, but as a piece of functional art, it's both interesting and inspiring.

  • Food & Beer

    There was a time when the only alcoholic beverage you thought to pair with a meal was wine. That time is in the past. Food & Beer is a new book by Canadian chef Daniel Burns and Evil Twin head brewer Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø. The two have a shared space in Brooklyn called Tørst, a well designed beer bar. Just a few steps away is Luksus, a Michelin-starred restaurant where Jeppe helps with beer pairings. Both spaces are profiled in the book along with over 75 recipes from the duo. Further proof that beer is just as welcome alongside fine dining as any other beverage.

  • The Man Who Made Things Out of Trees

    The lives of Americans once revolved around products made of wood. The Man Who Made Things Out of Trees is a book about how one man cut down an ash tree and find out how many items could be made from it. From bookmarks to spatulas to an axe handle, the variety of items that the tree bears shows just how important they are to our culture. The US was once covered in trees, and while that's no longer the case, a book like this shows just how important they still are.

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