Where to Drink Coffee

It wasn't that long ago when finding a good cup of coffee was difficult. But now, there are plenty of options for your caffeine fix, but they aren't all created equal. Where To Drink Coffee is an insider's guide to the best coffee spots around the world. Thanks to 150 baristas and coffee experts, a list of 600 places have been compiled. From the best cafes and restaurants to coffee shops in video stores and auto shops. This thick, hard-cover book includes reviews, maps, and is organized geographically for easy reference.

  • The Photo Ark

    There's something about a great portrait that endears its subject to the viewer. That goes for animals, as well. The life work of photographer Joel Sartore, National Geographic's The Photo Ark: One Man's Quest to Document the World's Animals is an unrivaled collection of photos highlighting animals both big and small. With a focus on endangered species, Sartore has been traveling the globe photographing animals in captivity, with some of the best seen here, alongside background from wildlife author Douglas Chadwick and a foreword from Harrison Ford. Weighing in at exactly 400 pages, it's a coffee table tome that's simultaneously enjoyable and thought-provoking.

  • The Swiss Army Knife Book

    If you have a Swiss Army knife, chances are you know a little something about how to make it in the wild. But because we've been surrounded by an abundance of sophisticated and high-tech camping gear, we rarely need to use our bushcraft skills at the same level we used to. With renowned woodsman Felix Immler's The Swiss Army Knife Book, which details more than 60 different projects for explorers of all ages, you'll have more than enough material to fill a weekend carving utensils, building shelters, starting fires, and improvising using just a single tool.

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