Where's Warhol

Like a Waldo book for the art lover, Where's Warhol? sends the titular pop artist back through time to visit key moments in art history and mingle with the luminaries of the day. Each of the twelve scenes was painstakingly researched by art historian Catherine Ingram and brought to life by illustrator Andrew Rae. From the Renaissance to the Bauhaus, the book is equal parts informative and amusing, and ideal both children and big kids alike.

  • Love Letters of Great Men

    Writing to the one you love is a time-honored tradition, no matter if you're a duke using a quill and ink or a modern day romantic letting your feelings be known 140 characters at a time. In either case, Love Letters of Great Men can provide some inspiration. This 150-page compilation of letters from throughout time includes poems and letters of both true loves and scandalous affairs alike from some of history's most well known men.

  • Food & Beer

    There was a time when the only alcoholic beverage you thought to pair with a meal was wine. That time is in the past. Food & Beer is a new book by Canadian chef Daniel Burns and Evil Twin head brewer Jeppe Jarnit-Bjergsø. The two have a shared space in Brooklyn called Tørst, a well designed beer bar. Just a few steps away is Luksus, a Michelin-starred restaurant where Jeppe helps with beer pairings. Both spaces are profiled in the book along with over 75 recipes from the duo. Further proof that beer is just as welcome alongside fine dining as any other beverage.

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