Roland Gumpert Nathalie Electric Coupe

Electric vehicles might be the future, but the present might not be quite ready for them. The infrastructure for EVs across most much of Europe and the US is lacking, with fast-charging stations a relative rarity outside of heavily concentrated urban areas. Enter the Roland Gumpert Nathalie — an EV designed to take charging mostly out of the equation. The Nathalie uses methanol to create hydrogen to power a fuel cell that generates electricity — meaning that theoretically, any gas station could stock methanol, providing a car like the Nathalie with unlimited range. The byproducts of the methanol-to-hydrogen reaction are CO2 and water, but Gumpert claims the methanol process to be carbon-neutral. As futuristic as this sounds, the Nathalie is a fully-functional concept, with performance figures of 2.5 seconds 0-60, a 190 MPH top speed, and 530 miles of range.

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