3D Graphene

Graphene is thought to be the strongest material known — in its two-dimensional form. Replicating that 2D strength in three dimensions has been problematic for scientists for decades. But researchers at MIT think they've found a solution. This new 3D-printed material has just 5% of the density of steel with over 10 times the strength, opening doors for applications from airplanes to filtration systems.

  • Mining Lithium for Your Batteries

    If the future is full of electric cars, drones, tablets, and smartphones, we're going to need a lot of batteries. The best, most economical battery technology we have currently is lithium-ion. All that lithium has to come from somewhere. Bloomberg's Ashlee Vance finds a source in Chile's Atacama Desert, one of the harshest climes on the globe.

  • Things You Didn't Know About Mad Max: Fury Road

    If you thought Mad Max is hardcore, you need to see director George Miller's other films — like Babe and Happy Feet. That's right: the same man responsible for dancing penguins and singing pigs also created one of the most enduring visions of civilization's breakdown and struggle for survival. Cinefix has a few more surprises about Mad Max: Fury Road and the man synonymous with "post-apocalyptic wasteland".

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