A Very Bad Lip Reading of Narcos

It's the 80s undercover operation you've never heard — the attempt to take down Pablo Escobar with a Pablo Escobar look-alike. Needless to say, it didn't go well. This bad lip reading presents an alternate, and far less successful, take on the Netflix series Narcos.

  • Szechuan Sauce Revisited

    Now you will never want for szechuan sauce again. Ditch the time machine, because Babish is about to show you how to make your own, right in your own kitchen. Armed with a real sample of the famous sauce, Babish gives it another attempt, this time even more successfully than the first. As an added bonus, he also makes some chicken nuggets that look better than the sauce.

  • Radiohead / Lift

    Elevators are strange places. A previously unreleased recording, "Lift" is featured on the 20th anniversary OK Computer retrospective OKNOTOK.

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