Arrival VFX

Denis Villeneuve's Arrival was full of aliens and unidentified flying objects, so we had to assume it was also full of CGI. As it turns out, we were correct. In this short reel, visual effects studio Oblique FX shows off the exceptional work they did for the film.

  • Trying to Unsubscribe

    Right now, your inbox is probably crammed with an insane number of marketing emails. That one account you created to access that one piece of information that you only needed that one time was all it took to open the floodgates. Director and comedian James Veitch describes his attempt to unsubscribe from one such email and how he hilariously fought back when they just kept coming.

  • 3D Graphene

    Graphene is thought to be the strongest material known — in its two-dimensional form. Replicating that 2D strength in three dimensions has been problematic for scientists for decades. But researchers at MIT think they've found a solution. This new 3D-printed material has just 5% of the density of steel with over 10 times the strength, opening doors for applications from airplanes to filtration systems.

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