Boston Dynamics Handle

Boston Dynamics' walking and balancing robots have often been described as nightmare-inducing, but never has the company referred to their own creations as such — until now. In this leaked footage from their latest conference, they announced their newest robot Handle, a wheeled design that has the ability to lift heavy loads, jump, and cause nightmares. Meet your demise at the 3:45 mark.

  • Super Coffee Strains

    Coffee is finally entering the 21st century. Scientists have sequenced the genome of the geisha coffee plant, renowned for its aroma, complex flavors, and sky-high price tag — about $300 for a half-pound. The genome of the geisha has been made public, and the information promises to be a boon to growers and coffee fanatics the world over.

  • AJS Tap Handles

    A lot goes into choosing the right beer, and that unique lever behind the bar may play a bigger role than you think. From Budweiser to microbrews, AJS Tap Handles has been crafting unique works of art for 30 years. All of their pieces are made in the U.S. at their Random Lake, Wisconsin shop and include over 30,000 unique tap handles, ranging from snow globe-topped grains of wheat to intricate hand-painted kings.

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