Dafne Keen's Logan Audition Tape

Logan was rightly praised as a jolt to the system that the Marvel Universe desperately needed. Hugh Jackman gave an excellent final performance as an aging Wolverine, but even his towering role was overshadowed by his much younger co-star — Dafne Keen as Laura Kinney. This audition tape shows exactly why Dafne earned the role, partially by sending Hugh home with bruises for the first time.

  • Pricing a Star Destroyer

    So you're in the market for a space-faring capital ship capable of planetary bombardment and launching a wing of TIE fighters. You know it can be built, but need a cost estimate. Generation Tech has you covered. They worked up how much it would run you in Earth money to buy that Imperial-Class Star Destroyer, perfect for crushing Rebel scum near you.

  • One Year at Apple Park

    "The Spaceship" — Apple's ground-based headquarters under construction in Cupertino, California — is a little behind schedule. It isn't quite ready for all 12,000 employees to move in, but the progress on such a huge project over the course of the last year has been impressive. Matthew Roberts filmed Apple Park over the last year and shows how the building has come together as it nears completion.

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