Eminem's Freestyle Cypher

Eminem has made a career of epic takedowns. This time, his ire on one man: Donald Trump. The rapper has some scathing remarks for Trump and his conduct since taking the Oval Office earlier this year.

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    X-Files / Season 11

    A few new faces and at least one very familiar one will be here for the eleventh season of the X-Files. The search is on for Mulder and Scully's son William, and shadowy FBI assistant director Walter Skinner is returning. The new season is scheduled to air January 2018 on Fox.

  • How to Make a Pinball Machine

    Stern Pinball has been making pinball machines for a long time — back to the 1930s and the founding of arcade game giant Williams. Stern makes some of the biggest themed pinball games in the world, with machines featuring properties like Ghost Busters, Star Wars , and bands like AC/DC and Kiss. The A.V. Club went inside the Stern factory to see what it takes to turn over 3,500 parts into the best game in the world.

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