Greenfield Guitars

Michael Greenfield, the namesake luthier and musician of Greenfield Guitars, began his love affair with the guitar in the 1970s. Michael creates some of the finest and most unique guitars available on the planet at his shop in Montreal, and each one is as much a work of art as an instrument. Stereokroma followed Michael and his assistant Justin for five months, documenting the process of turning fine woods into even finer steel-string acoustic guitars.

  • The Marvel Symphonic Universe

    A great film score can be one of the most memorable aspects of a film, sometimes even more so. People who haven't even seen the Star Wars films can hum the theme from the original trilogy, and the same goes for well-loved franchises like the James Bond and more recent Harry Potter films. But ask fans of the massive Marvel franchise to recall a score from any of the 13 or so movies, and you'll most likely get blank stares. Despite being the highest-grossing film franchise of all time, Marvel's film scores have fallen flat in emotional appeal.

  • Dronesurfing

    They can capture amazing footage, deliver your amazon packages, and even have their own racing league. Now, drones can even help you catch a wave. Originally designed to carry their bulky equipment, Freefly Systems used a heavy-duty drone to pull them across the water and get their surf on.

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