How the NES Zapper Works

We all want to believe in magic. But like so many things from our childhood, there are concrete explanations of how the things that used to mystify us work. A prime example is the Nintendo Light Gun. The 8-Bit Guy explains how the closely related NES zapper and lesser-known Commodore 64 Light Pen use relatively simple electronics to perform functions that were ahead of their time.

  • Slow-Mo Cinema

    Slow motion in film isn't anything new, but a great sequence never gets old. It can help convey a dramatic event or capture the fine details in an action shot. It even makes a simple walk down the hallway look badass. From the elevator scene in The Shining to anything in The Matrix, here are some of the greatest slow-mo movie moments.

  • Fake News and the Media in 2016

    Fake news is nothing new — just check the rack at the checkout next time you're at the grocery store. What is new is media juggernaut Facebook and algorithms making decisions on advertising. And while this brave new world of fake news and machine decision making is distressing, it isn't quite the scapegoat many people would like you to believe. Vox looks at the impact of fake news in the 2016 election, and learns that the mainstream media's influence is as much to blame as Hillary Clinton's adopted alien baby.

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