Logan VFX

Hollywood stunt doubles are no secret. Aside from a rare few, actors have been pawning off their dangerous action stunts for years. With advancements in CGI, digital doubles allow close-range action shots are more real than ever. While working on Logan, visual effects studio Image Engine reveals how they morphed Hugh Jackman and his stunt double to create the ultimate Wolverine.

  • The Last Peaceful Place on Earth

    Every year at the Bonneville Salt Flats, a group of daredevils gathers to do one thing — go as fast as possible on anything with wheels. Motorcycles, cars, and even jet-powered monsters that have more in common with aircraft than anything on road spend one week in the desert trying to break records. Director Skylar Nielsen talks to these speed freaks about what keeps them coming back.

  • You Can't Visit U Thant Island

    An artificial island, a Buddist guru, endangered birds, and the UN building — New York City's U Thant Island has a very interesting history. For an island measuring about 100 by 200 feet, it has a lot of history, even for a place like New York. Vox takes a trip down the East RIver to U Thant, and learns a little about canoeing in the process.

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