You Can't Visit U Thant Island

An artificial island, a Buddist guru, endangered birds, and the UN building — New York City's U Thant Island has a very interesting history. For an island measuring about 100 by 200 feet, it has a lot of history, even for a place like New York. Vox takes a trip down the East RIver to U Thant, and learns a little about canoeing in the process.

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    Recreating the Loot Train Attack

    There are a lot of references to other battle scenes in the epic dragon attack in Game of Thrones. From American westerns to Mongol invasions, napalm in Vietnam and the Spartans in 300, the writers drew from a lot of sources to create the scene. Nerdwriter digs up some of those references to recreate the loot train attack with shots from other films.

  • Life and Size

    Size. It determines more about living things than nearly any other measurable factor. Kurzgesagt demonstrates this in most illustrative way possible — by throwning animals off of a tall building.

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