OK Soda and Postmodernism in Advertising

It was the Seinfeld of ad campaigns. After the spectacular failure of New Coke, Coca Cola decided to try again, this time with something targeted to a more narrow, youth-oriented audience — OK Soda. It failed too, but the advertising was ahead of its time. Thomas Flight looks at the strange combination of advertising and postmodern philosophy in this video essay.

  • The Hidden Magic of Costumes

    Whether it's an elaborate period piece or modern-day t-shirt and jeans, the clothing worn in movies aren't an accident. Each piece is chosen to represent the character, story, and mood of a scene or film as a whole — nothing is left to chance. Now You See It looks at how the oft-overlooked aspect of costuming plays a big role in the overall impact of a film.

  • Where Ideas Come From

    Inspiration. A spark. The muse, the beginning, the idea — where does it come from? David Lynch, Chuck Close, two kids, and several others discuss inspiration, ideas, and how they get them in this entertaining short film.

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