Recreating Bob's Best Burgers

From Baby, You Can Chive My Car to the ultra-rare steak tartar inside a beef Wellington, Bob has created some of the most artisanal burgers in the history of artisanal anything. Besides what looks to be fantastic burgers, Bob also has a way with puns, giving names to his creations that are simultaneously hilarious and cringe-worthy. The Babish recreates some of Bob's most intricate creations to see if they pass the real-world taste test — and they do, with flying colors.

  • The Dude Honors John Goodman

    Walter Sobchak — also known as John Goodman — got a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame as thanks for his important role in being perfectly calm, upholding the rules of bowling, and in helping The Dude replace his rug that really tied the room together. Jeff Bridges donned The Sweater for his speech dedicating Goodman's star on the sidewalk, in accordance with Walter's last wishes.

  • Breaking Bad the Movie

    Two years in the making, we finally have a Breaking Bad movie. Not a fan-film, this is a cut that takes the TV show and repackages it as a two-hour-long feature. It's a fresh take on the show that works surprisingly well stripped down to the bare essentials.

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