Sharks Attack Submarine

During filming for Blue Planet II, the team took a submarine over 2300 feet to the ocean to see what happens when a dead whale corpse hits bottom. They found massive six-gill sharks feeding on the carcass, fighting with each other for the meal. The sharks were so aggressive that they thought the sub was competition — and started aggressively hitting the ship.

  • The Fastest Production Car in the World

    On a lonely stretch of Nevada highway, Koenigsegg smashed the record for the fastest street-legal car ever made. The Agera RS averaged 278 mph over two runs, with a max top speed of 284 mph — leaving the previous record-holder, the Bugatti Chiron, wondering what happened. Ride along with the Agera RS on this incredible top speed run, and then watch the same car drive to get lunch in this video.

  • The Basics of Steak

    As deceptively simple as cooking a steak might seem, it's easy to mess a good cut of meat up. The number one cause of bad meat is over cooking — anything over medium rare and you're doing it wrong. Babish shows how to cook two different cuts of meat to flavorful perfection every time in the latest episode of Basics with Babish.

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