The Dull Men's Club

Photographing roundabouts, collecting milk bottles, following brown street signs, and visiting water pumps are just a few of the uninspiring hobbies you'll find among the members of the Dull Men's Club. Founder Grover Click finds beauty in the boring and is redefining what it means to be dull.

  • Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler Autocorrect Interview

    Things you didn't know but know now — Amy Poehler is actually Jack Black and the sister of Louis C.K. Will Ferrell was born in a Cancer and was born in 1980. The internet might ask silly questions, but Will and Amy have the serious answers in this autocorrect interview with WIRED magazine.

  • Polaroid

    There's something wrong with this camera — it keeps killing people. The producers of the The Ring and The Grudge bring you Polaroid, a tale of a found camera that has the really bad trait of killing its subjects. The horror film comes to theaters August 25, 2017.

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