The Fastest Animal on Earth

Go home, cheetah. If you really want to go fast, you need to get off the ground. The truly fastest animal on Earth is the peregrine falcon, capable of cruising the skies at 60 MPH and diving at over 200 MPH — as fast as Formula One race cars. Unsurprisingly, peregrine falcons are perfectly adapted to high speeds, with nostrils like jet engines and a body profile like a military aircraft.

  • Star Wars: A Tribute to Carrie Fisher

    A rebel, a mother, a princess. At the 2017 Star Wars Celebration, Disney officially paid their dues to the woman who helped launch the biggest franchise in Hollywood history. Archival footage, recent interviews, and words from cast and crew past and present remember the woman who showed that princesses don't have to sit around waiting for a man to come rescue them.

  • In Praise of 16mm

    Crack open a PBR and prepare yourself — it's about to get extremely hipster in here. You hear plenty of people talk about the joy of real 35mm and 65mm film, but this video essay is a love letter to that lesser-appreciated sibling, 16mm. The camera shake, the grain, the under- or oversaturated color — 16mm is the rose-tinted goggles of an era you didn't live through.

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