Being Batman

Somewhere, in Brampton, Ontario, Batman roams the night. More than just a weekend comic-con cosplay, this is as real as it gets. When this anonymous man dons the Batsuit and climbs in the Batmobile, he's out for justice. In this telling interview, a man explains why being Batman means much more than to him than a simple superhero.

  • Lost in London

    In 2002, actor Woody Harrelson had a run-in with the constabulary of London. After damaging the inside of a cab that had picked him up from the Chinawhite Club, he hopped another cab, was chased by the police, and finally arrested. Like any great artist, Woody took this incident as inspiration for landmark cinema event. Lost in London, written by himself, is the first movie live-streamed to theaters and shot in one take. The film stars Harrelson, Owen Wilson, and Willie Nelson, and was streamed to theaters in the US and Uk on January 20, 2017.

  • Press Pause Play

    The digital revolution has made everyone a photographer, producer, director, publisher — the traditional barriers to getting your art to a wide audience have been demolished. But with the democratization of art has become a question of dilution. When everyone is an artist, does being an artist have any meaning? In this full-length documentary, some of today's biggest artists give their opinions on the benefits and drawbacks of art for everyone.

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