Best Dialogue in Film

Screaming, yelling, arguing, or just plain conversating — dialogue has been the best part of movies since the advent of the talkie. Dialogue is what creates characters, from their personality to their relationship to other characters in the film. Cinefix gives a rundown of their favorite bits of talk of all time.

  • Forging the Fast Food Knife

    A beer-quenched blade with a handle of fries and bacon. It's America in the palm of your hand. Steve at Green Beetle created his own steel from iron and Tums that became the blade of this epic knife, and spent more time than was necessary to make the handles. See how he did it in this how-to video, and then try making your own.

  • American Playboy

    In the idyllic America of the 1950s, naked women were something you only saw in faded black and white magazines in the bottom of your uncle's sock drawer. Then came Hugh Hefner and his Playboy magazine. Hugh brought the nude female form from low-quality prints under the counter to full-color spreads that attempted to approach the level of fine art. And the articles weren't bad either. American Playboy is Hugh's story told by the man himself, complete with unreleased footage from his own archives. The 13-episode series comes to Amazon Prime April 7, 2017.

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