Fifty Shades Freed

The grand finale drops this Valentine's Day as the curtain comes down on Mr. and Mrs. Grey in Fifty Shades Freed. The third film shows Ana being stalked by her former boss, Jack Hyde, Christian buying Ana a new home that comes with an architect who's interested in her husband, a car chase — and a few intimate scenes. Starring Dakota Johnson and Jamie Dorman, Fifty Shades Freed releases — you guessed it — on Valentine's Day 2018.

  • Finding the Origins of Time Travel

    One of the most fantastical ideas to spring from the minds of humans has become a common trope — time travel. As a genre, time travel dates back around 100 to 150 years ago, with books like The Time Machine, A Connecticut Yankee in King Authur's Court, and even A Christmas Carol. But the concept is far older than that, beginning with the human sense of regret. Nerdwriter digs into the past to find the origin of trying to change what's already happened, or what's going to happen in the future.

  • The Fastest Production Car in the World

    On a lonely stretch of Nevada highway, Koenigsegg smashed the record for the fastest street-legal car ever made. The Agera RS averaged 278 mph over two runs, with a max top speed of 284 mph — leaving the previous record-holder, the Bugatti Chiron, wondering what happened. Ride along with the Agera RS on this incredible top speed run, and then watch the same car drive to get lunch in this video.

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