Reconstructing Passengers Story Arc

The Jennifer Lawrence- and Chris Pratt-helmed sci-fi film Passengers had a lot of hype but landed in theaters with a thud. Criticized for a too-predictable plot, the film felt by-the-numbers despite having an all-too-rare original screenplay. The Nerdwriter took the plot into his own hands, rearranging the story arc to more closely mirror the script as it was originally written, and giving the film a pace and sense of audience involvement that it sorely lacked when it arrived in theaters.

  • Crossing the Street at the Boston Marathon

    With over 26,000 thousand people running the streets of Boston during the Boston Marathon, getting across the street can be tricky. Fortunately, they have an simply elegant way of doing it. Watch the marathon race organizers it happen in this time lapse video.

  • Epic Nerf Gun Mods

    From 200 MPH darts to shooting flames, Peter Sripol has a lock on modding Nerf guns. His latest project adds a built in compressor to significantly up the projectile velocity and can conveniently be re-purposed as a flamethrower. Peter takes you thorugh the modding and testing process step-by-step in his latest video.

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