Stop Memorizing Your Passwords

123456. Qwerty. Password. These are just a few of the easiest to remember passwords, and hackers love them. Technology has made juggling the massive amount of logins required to function in our modern world much easier with password managers. Vox has some helpful tips to keep your information as safe as possible — at least from people looking to criminally profit. We have enough things to remember in the course of a day, so take passwords off that list.

  • Michael K. Williams Questions Typecasting

    When an actor takes a role, who is really casting who? Typecasting is more complicated than always playing the villain, or the hero, or the average guy. Michael K. Williams asks himself if he's been typecast throughout his career — and isn't too sure of his answer.

  • The House

    College is expensive. So instead of forcing their daughter into an eternity of student debt, Will Ferrell and Amy Poehler decide to pay for her tuition themselves — by operating an underground casino in their basement. This makes them either the best parents ever or the worst. We're still trying to figure that one out. The film is set for release June 30, 2017.

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