The Survivalist

The world is out of oil. Society has collapsed. Starvation blankets the land, and the population has dropped precipitously. Those that remain are forced into a game of survival, living off what can be grown and foraged. One man tends to a garden in the forest, living in a cabin he's built himself — and then two women appear, asking if he can spare his crop for one night. The Survivalist comes to theaters and on-demand May 19, 2017.

  • Renault RS 2027 F1 Concept

    Formula One has been a harbinger of things to come in the automotive world. Many of the features we find on cars today were first honed on the race track before filtering down to the street. But even when they're driving the future today, F1 teams are still looking ahead at innovations to come. French manufacturer Renault released their concept of what the sport might look like 10 years from now with the RS 2027 Vision concept car. LED position and lap displays, a fully-enclosed cockpit, and clear body panels that allow spectators to see the mechanicals underneath the bodywork are just a few of the ideas Renault sees finding their way into the F1 car of the future.

  • The Origin of Lamborghini

    The names Ferrari and Lamborghini call to mind one thing: Sleek, snarling sports cars capable of speed and handling no other automobiles can match. Shrouding in mystique and legend, the raging bull and prancing stallion have produced some of the most desirable moving works of art the work has ever seen. But a closer look at the history of Lamborghini reveals a foundation in something as opposite to high-performance autos as can be imagined — tractors. Great Big Story looks at how Enzo Ferrari's slight at Ferruccio Lamborghini created one of the most intense rivalries in the automobile industry.

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