Renault RS 2027 F1 Concept

Formula One has been a harbinger of things to come in the automotive world. Many of the features we find on cars today were first honed on the race track before filtering down to the street. But even when they're driving the future today, F1 teams are still looking ahead at innovations to come. French manufacturer Renault released their concept of what the sport might look like 10 years from now with the RS 2027 Vision concept car. LED position and lap displays, a fully-enclosed cockpit, and clear body panels that allow spectators to see the mechanicals underneath the bodywork are just a few of the ideas Renault sees finding their way into the F1 car of the future.

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    The life you live that isn't your life. That perfectly curated social media feed. Squaring the perception with the reality — or trying to make the perception the reality. Eighty-Sixed is a new web series co-written by Cazzie David and director Elisa Kalan, and is a cynical, sharp-edged satirical take on growing up in the age of social media. Cazzie David plays Remi, a neurotic, self-absorbed young adult trudging through the morass of a recent breakup, surrounded by equally self- and socially-obsessed friends. Giving a nod to her father and Curb Your Enthusiasm, Cazzie and Elisa have created a show that gives a scathing take on our connected lives and the often bizarre social norms we've constructed.

  • The Art of Minecraft

    If you loved LEGOs as a child, you probably had this dream: A set of infinite bricks, in infinite colors, and an infinite space on which to build. This is the dream which Minecraft has been building since 2009. Although it has grown over the years to include more traditionally-oriented gaming modes, the core of the game is Creative Mode. Individuals, creative collectives, and even companies have been formed around the game. Vox looks at how this simple game of building blocks has become both an art and business.

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